The project originally started as a way to study a single gene’s co-expression, by gathering a number of experiments and studying the expression patterns of a handful of genes.

The more samples were gathered, the more it became obvious that the whole was bigger than the sum of its parts. At this point a team was assembled to further develop the database.

The team is composed of molecular biologists, computer scientist and medical doctors.

Combining the expertise from these various fields we were able to produce a resource that is very accurately annotated, easy to use with various useful data mining and disply options available all the while containing a large amount of data.

The database is continually updated with new features based on the users’ requests and also new data, which is re-annotated to match the existing high standard.

After the data and functions to mine and display it was made made available internally, and to certain collaborators, tens of thousands of plots have been made.

The people are physically located at Institute of Molecular Medicine for Finland (FIMM) and the Medical Biotechnology Unit of VTT and the University of Turku.

People behind the project

Olli Kallioniemi
Sami Kilpinen Bioinformatics
Reija Autio Normalization
Kalle Ojala Bioinformatics, Annotation
Elmar Bucher Bioinformatics, Annotation
Henri Sara Bioinformatics
Tommi Pisto Bioinformatics
Kristiina Iljin Annotation
Rolf Skotheim Bioinformatics, Annotation
Mari Björkman Annotation
Kristine Kleivi Annotation
Kimmo Jaakkola Annotation
Mathhias Nees Annotation