Gene Sapiens

GeneSapiens bioinformatics group provides unique data analysis options and capabilities using an extensive in-house database of the human transcriptome. This database is the world’s largest fully integrated and annotated human gene expression data source.

The database contains a multitude of annotation information for each sample, including tissue of origin and detailed cancer type and histological details. All genes are fully comparable across all samples.

Data currently from 5 different Affymetrix array generations

  • 10 000 samples with an average of
  • 11 500 genes profiled per sample

Comprising of

  • 43 distinct healthy tissue types and
  • 68 distinct malignant tissue types and
  • 64 distinct non-tumor diseases

Which are distributed as follows

  • 70% are malignant tumor samples,
  • 19% are healthy tissue samples and
  • 11% are from other diseases

Extensive data mining options that take full advantage of comparability of data across both genes and samples:

  • Plots of gene expression across the entire tissue spectrum
  • Co-expression plots between genes
  • Discovery of new targets for known drugs

The entire human transcriptome at your fingertips.

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